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Your X-ray CT equipment deserves now a DigiXCT upgrade to deliver excellence !






 Easiest and fastest workflfl ow available for large data

1 - Scanner independent : select your geometry fi les in one click: microCT,

nanoCT or synchrotron data

2 - Optimise acquisition parameters: rotation axis & center adjustments… and

preprocess data in 2D: beam hardening correction, ring artifact removal…

3 - Reconstruct in 3D volumes up to 4096 ³ voxels or slices with several GPU

boards using FDK, iterative algorithms or phase contrast

4 - Postprocess data in 3D: metal artifact reduction…

5 - Display your data: volume & surface rendering and start your investigations

in a few minutes!


 Why upgrading your Computed Tomography software?

Computer hardware and software evolve way faster compared to the core

components of a CT scanner. X-ray tubes, detectors and rotation stages are indeed

simple and robust and cannot be much improved.

To get most of your CT system, added-value moves now towards complex software

for optimal performance.

This idea is more and more shared by all expert users/OEMs throughout the world.

That’s why Digisens – as a pioneer in CT software development on the GPU – has

an extensive track record of successes in Europe, North America and Asia.




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