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AD Science Inc. started in 1992 as a distributor of high-sensitive cooled CCD camera with high-definition

for scientific research. We have accumulated much know-how in these fields and have met the various

needs of customers with our high technology reading their requirements and the trend changes.
At present, we have built up three product groups as follows.

●High-end scientific cameras for X-ray to IR, all energy zones
●Frame grabber board and camera for machine vision , security, and etc..
Image analysis software for machine vision

●Electron microscope peripheral equipment

 (Detailed business lines are as below.)


Our main customers are manufacturers of imaging system, medical imaging system and various

scientific research institutes such as physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, medical science

and so on. We are now supplying wide supports to these customers under the key word


 Establishment:  June, 1992
 Capital:  J.Yen 30,000,000
 Fiscal year:  April - March
 Head Office:

Funabashi Honcho Plaza Bldg, 2-7, Honcho 2-chome, Funabashi-shi,Chiba-ken, 273-0005 Japan 

 phone :  +81-47-434-2090
 facs :  +81-47-434-2097
 e-mail :
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Detailed Business lines: Import & sales of the following equipments

● High-end imaging cameras for science
・CCD/CMOS camera VIS to DUV(UV)
- High performance cooled CCD camera DUV to NIR
- Cooled CCD/EMCCD/sCMOS camera
- High speed and low noise CMOS camera
- Digital microscope CMOS camera
- Multispectral camera VIS to NIR

・CCD/CMOS X-ray camera
- High resolution X-ray CCD/sCMOS camera
- X-ray CMOS camera and sensor
- X-ray Line-scan CMOS camera
- X-ray shutter

・IR camera NIR to LWIR
- InGaAs/MCT NIR camera (Cooled and Uncooled)
- InGaAs High speed Area/Line-scan camera
- InSb/MCT MWIR camera
- QWIP/MCT LWIR camera
- Thermal Infrared camera
- Security camera

・Electron microscope system (TEM)
- High performance CMOS, CCD camera


●Software Tools and Frame grabber board, camera for machine vision
・Industrial camera (FA)
- Area/Line-scan camera
  (Gigabit Ethernet, CameraLink, USB3, CoaXPress)
- Frame grabber board (Analog/Digital)
・Image analysis software
・High Speed Cameras
・High Quality Cameras
・Video cameras and digital video recorder solutions


● Electron microscope peripheral equipment
・Nano precision XYZ, rotate stage
・V-I analysis system, pick up, in EM
・Sputter Coaters and SEM/ TEM Carbon Coaters
・Glow discharge system
・Cryo-SEM & FIB preparation systems
・Remote plasma cleaner
・Tabletop plasma cleaner